Commercial Reroofing

Handling Large Commercial Reroofing Projects

Our experienced team of roofers have extensive experience working on large commercial projects. Handling large commercial re-roofing projects requires intensively detailed planning and accuracy to ensure that reroofing is suitable and feasible for commercial properties. 

Our well-rounded team of roofers are able to efficiently plan and complete large re-roofing projects to the utmost of quality and professional standard. We have provided quality reroofing for various commercial projects such as restaurants, shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, and more.

Reroofing vs Roof Repairs

There are some key differences between reroofing and repairing your roof. For example, reroofing involves placing new sheeting on top of your existing roofing to improve the aesthetic appearance of your roof whilst also adding a protective, leak-resistant layer. Repairing your roof is the much lengthier and more expensive process of removing the existing roofing completely and replacing them.

Advantages Of Reroofing

There are many advantages of reroofing your commercial property rather than replacing the roof entirely.

Cost Effective

Choosing to reroof rather than completely replace your roof is a much cheaper way to solve any roofing issues. As reroofing requires fewer materials and less physical labour, it is a more cost-effective way to improve the aesthetic, external appearance of the roof whilst simultaneously providing an extra protective layer on top

Faster Completion

As the reroofing process requires less physical labour and doesn’t require the entire roof to be taken off completely, a reroofing project can be a much quicker, yet still efficient, solution to your roofing issues.

Experienced Townsville Reroofers

Our team of re-roofers at MJD Roofing have extensive knowledge and experience handling large commercial reroofing projects across the Townsville area. You can depend on our efficient, affordable and professional services when considering a reroofing project.

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