Commercial Wall Cladding

Residential Wall Cladding - Townsville, QLD

Albeit highly popular and present in the market for quite some time, the use of wall cladding for commercial applications will always be on the forefront of fortifying as well as adding to the beauty of commercial structures. Wall cladding is becoming increasingly popular for low-rise commercial as well as industrial buildings. But unlike residential buildings, wall cladding in commercial and industrial buildings is used for purposes besides aesthetics.

Wall cladding in commercial and/or industrial building is used to provide increased in-plane stiffness as well as to increase strength of the structure. The cladding also protects the original structure of the wall from external elements such as weather elements or early ageing.

With increasing demands and requests for customized solutions, there are now a great number of cladding solutions as well as cladding options which are applicable for both, commercial as well as residential purposes. But these claddings are selected as per the requirements. For applications where heavy cladding is required, lightweight cladding can’t be used and vice versa.

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