When Should I Re-Roof Or Completely Replace The Roof?

Your roof is the biggest protector of you and your family when you’re at home. It stands between you and harsh weather and pests. That’s why it’s so important to keep it in good condition so that it can keep doing its job properly.

Your roof also holds the potential to yield the greatest investment return for your home. Over 30% of real estate agents said that roof restoration was the reason for quick sales and homes selling above reserve.

But should you settle for re-roofing or spring for a full roof replacement? The right choice depends on your circumstances and the condition of your roof. We’ve put together this handy guide to help you learn more about your options.

What Is A Roof Replacement?

If you have your roof entirely replaced, then everything will be stripped off, right down to the deck beneath it. The old shingles will be stripped from the roof base and felt paper will be laid down on the bare deck to protect it from weather damage.

Then, a new layer of metal sheeting or shingles will be laid onto this felt paper to create a brand-new roof.

What Are The Benefits of a Roof Replacement?

Unlike re-roofing, a roof can be replaced despite however many layers of shingles already cover the roof.

Overall, it is more cost-effective because it helps to identify and treat the earlier stages of rot and water-damaged sagging. These can both cause water to leak inside walls and through the roof where it will endanger drywall and flooring. This inevitably demands costly repairs.

While re-roofing may hide deck issues, including rot, which can lead to the roof falling in or causing damage elsewhere in the structure, a replaced roof will directly fix these issues and provide a much safer roof.

When the roof is entirely replaced, it will last far longer than a re-roofing.

What Are The Cons of a Roof Replacement?

• Because of the amount of work that goes into replacing a roof, it is much more labour intensive and can take a lot longer than re-roofing.

• It is also more expensive than re-roofing because it is more comprehensive.

What Is Re-Roofing?

This is the fastest and cheapest method to revamp your roof’s aesthetic appearance. This process also involves installing a new layer of shingle over the top of your existing shingles to instantly improve their appearance as well as adding a protective layer that will help to eliminate leaks.

However, this is only an option if you have just one layer of shingles already installed on your roof.

What Are The Benefits of Re-Roofing?

•  This is a considerably cheaper option as it doesn’t rely on the same amount of labour and materials.

•  It does not involve replacing your whole roof so is much quicker.

What Are The Cons of Re-Roofing?

• This method does not always last as long as a full roof replacement.
• As this option doesn’t involve removing and replacing the current shingles, you will not know what the condition is beneath – meaning damage like rot and sagging can go unnoticed.

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