Roofing Services Townsville

Roofing Services Townsville

MJD Roofing is a fully licensed and insured Townsville roofing company with years of experience providing services to residential, commercial and industrial properties in the tropics.

Living in North Queensland means your home is exposed to the elements, including cyclones, so you want to ensure you have the most durable roof solution possible. Our team understands the properties and climate in North Queensland and provides a range of services, including:


If your roof is showing signs of ageing, sometimes re-roofing is a more economical option than constant, inconvenient and costly repairs. If your roof is leaking, missing tiles or has been damaged in a storm or cyclone, our team can provide a cost-effective re-roofing service that will be durable and last for decades.

Our team has extensive experience providing new, attractive and durable commercial re-roofing services for businesses across Townsville. As this process does not require the entire existing roof to be removed, it is quick and efficient, so there will be minimal disruption to your business operations.

Depending on the condition, age and extent of damage to your roof, there are different solutions available. MJD Roofing will conduct a thorough inspection and determine whether a roof restoration or roof replacement is the best course of action. Roof restoration goes beyond simple repairs, making your roof look better, ensuring it is structurally sound and replacing any elements that have failed or could fail in the near future.

If your home or business has tin roofing, there are many benefits of upgrading to a tile to tin roof from MJD Roofing. Tiles will make your premises more comfortable and drive down your electricity costs. What’s more, you’ll benefit from improved sound insulation for a quieter interior. Concrete tiles are more resilient to the elements and are more durable than any other roofing material available.

Albeit highly popular and present in the market for quite some time, the use of wall cladding for commercial applications will always be on the forefront of fortifying as well as adding to the beauty of commercial structures.

Commercial projects are not every construction service provider’s strong suit. If anything, they are complex and complicated, hence require detailed planning and experience to handle such tasks with utmost delicacy and accuracy.

So, you have your dream house constructed and now want to lay a beautiful roof on top of it. Can’t find perfect roofing service providers to meet your requirements and budget? Well look no further! At MJD Roofing,

The value of wall cladding is becoming increasingly recognized on a daily basis. Aside from aesthetic purposes, wall cladding serves a variety of other purposes including protecting wall from external natural factors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is very prepared for this contingency. Firstly, we monitor weather reports closely and try to align work with clear skies as much as possible to prevent any project delays. Secondly, we only remove small sections of the roof at a time, not the entire roof at once, so there is no danger of water infiltrating your home. Finally, your roof will be sealed tight when we finish work for the day so no overnight showers will cause you any concerns.

Asbestos can be extremely hazardous, so it is vital to only hire a roofing company with the right qualifications and experience. We can subcontract to remove and dispose of any asbestos without any threat to you or your family.

Every single member of our team has been highly trained and has the right certifications and licensing to meet current Australian standards. We are also fully insured, including liability insurance for your protection.